There’s no denying that the web hosting continues to grow in the past few years, and there are no signs that it’s going to stop any time soon. As more and more companies are getting into this, then this also makes being a file hosting provider affiliate to be very lucrative.

Not just that, research shows that more than 38 million people for the past few years have decided to create a website for their business, and that means they need to look for a file hosting provider that would allow them to back up their files. Things have gotten easier because there are plenty that offers such service, and one of which is In this article, we’re going to discuss the benefits you can enjoy as a affiliate.

Why You Should Be an Affiliate

Who doesn’t want to have free things? Nothing can be more rewarding that being able to use the program you like for free. As an affiliate, although you still wouldn’t be able to get a premium account for free, the money you are going to earn from promoting their website is something you can use to get their plan for free, and you would still have some of other things.

The Ability to Earn Through Partners

hitfile premium referral

By being a Hitfile premium account user, this gives you the ability to store your files for more than 90 days and that means you’ll also be earning when a file is uploaded. With each premium sale, you’ll get a 60% of the sale, and this is a pretty decent amount. Not just that, there are also other benefits that you’ll be able to explore later on. Also, the links that are made to the file can also be used as a referable link, and this would bring new partners 10% of their income, while a partner brought by a user could also earn 2% of its sale.

Just like what has been mentioned earlier, the link you’re going to get is a referral link, and when the user uses it to download a file from the website, then they will automatically be the “refill” of the user. This only implies that you can earn, while being able to use the tool at the same time.

Unlimited Cash Earning for You to Enjoy

The wonderful thing about is that there’s no cap on your affiliate commission earnings. That means you can refer as much people as you can and get as much commission as you are able to make.

They also integrate highly advanced technology that allows the user to easily track and monitor the earnings they make, as well as how many successful referrals were carried out. That means you’ll never be left alone in the dark regarding how much you do with the program.

Marketing Materials Are Top Notch

They offer a variety of ready-to-use attractive banners, text ads, email links, and the like that would help you attract more visitors. All you have to do is pick a marketing material that best suits you and you’ll be able to promote the file hosting provider as much as you can.