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Businesses and individuals always look for proper storage systems for essential files such as documents, photos, and video clips.

Fortunately, Hitfile has a suitable cloud infrastructure that allows people to safely store important information. And regardless of your location, all your files on the Hitfile platform are always accessible whenever you connect to the internet.


Hitfile is a top and fast-growing organization known for offering reliable file hosting services since 2010. Through the cloud platform, you can download data or files from Hitfile at any time. Furthermore, your files have reliable protection against hackers and malicious malware. Even when sharing files within a public network, the system’s protocol guarantees maximum safety.

Security Features

Hitfile has robust security features for premium and premium plus.

These include:

#1 Scanning for Potential Threats

When downloading your favorite file, you have the option of scanning for viruses and online ransomware threats on the folders you wish to access. After the file scanning process, a built-in antivirus system will clear all the files containing potential threats.

#2 Anonymity When Retrieving Data

Most premium data hosting services do not allow for anonymity. Hitfile has an extra level of security that enables you to ultimately download files while remaining anonymous to other users within the platform.

This means that no one will ever know who you are or what kind of files you retrieved. Even if you have so many downloads in the queue, you can anonymously perform any action on the platform.

Similarly, Premium Plus users who esteem their secrecy can mask their identification information such as location and IP address when using the services.

#3 Simplicity and Easy Access to the Main Features

One feature that keeps users coming back is its simplicity, which improves the customer experience. The simple navigation allows non-technical users to move quickly through their accounts, efficiently managing their massive files. You’ll have access to the main features of Hitfile via a visible dashboard. Thus, you don’t require any complicated or compound settings.

#4 Data Security and Confidentiality Notice

Confidentiality and protection of personal data are essential when interacting with people you don’t know personally on the internet. As a result, the system automatically stores your data, including banking information and demographic data.

The site only uses your private data for services such as payments, creating contacts, and sending notifications.

#5 No Third-party Sharing of Information

When exchanging data, you must ensure that your personal information is under safe custody. Hitfile will never allow a third party to have your data without your consent. Your files will have a security encoding, making it difficult for anyone attempting to obtain your data maliciously.

#6 Secure Storage of Documents

With a free profile, you can safeguard and store your documents on the host’s servers for up to a month. If you choose to pay for a Premium or Premium Pro profile, you will receive up to three months of safe storage for an unrestricted quantity of data.

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